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    Today, 12:24 AM
    Finally a Nurburgring laptime for the McLaren 600LT! Sport Auto did the test which means this is independent without any manufacturer shenanigans. The 'little' McLaren managed to record an incredible 7:08.82 on Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R MC tires. How did the big brother 720S do in Sport Auto's hands? A 7:08.34. The 600LT is a great value in that context. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 6:44.97 Lamborghini Aventador LP770-4 SVJ (2018) Marco Mapelli 26 July 2018 Lamborghini conducted test, full roll cage, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 6:47.25 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991.2) Lars Kern 20 September 2017 Porsche conducted test. OEM Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 'N2', OEM "Weissach Package", OEM deletion of audio and communication system, Porsche Motorsport bucket seat and harness on driver's side. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 6:48.28 Radical SR8 LM Michael Vergers 19 August 2009 Dunlop Direzza DZ03 tyres. Production sportscar with road-going production car statusdubious – discuss],road legal version is available with British Single Vehicle Approval. Timing overseen by Evo magazine who consider it to be a road legal production car, timed by Sport Auto, who do not consider it to be a road legal production car lap. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 6:52.01 Lamborghini Huracán LP 640-4 Performante (2017) Marco Mapelli 5 October 2016 Lamborghini conducted test, full roll cage, Pirelli Trofeo R. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 6:55 Radical SR8 Michael Vergers 28 September 2005 Dunlop Direzza DZ03 tyres. Road legal track car, road legal version is available with British Single Vehicle Approval.Timed by Sport Auto, who do not consider it to be a road legal production car lap, but considered a road legal production car by Pistonheads. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 6:56.4 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2) Kévin Estre 16 April 2018 Porsche conducted test. OEM Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R 'N0', OEM "Weissach Package", OEM deletion of audio and communication system, Porsche Motorsport bucket seat and harness on driver's side. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 6:57 Porsche 918 Spyder Marc Lieb 4 September 2013 Porsche conducted test, observed by Sport Auto. "Weissach Package", Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 'N0'. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 6:59.73 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce (2015) Marco Mapelli 18 May 2015 Lamborghini conducted test, full roll cage, Pirelli P Zero Corsa. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:01.3 Dodge Viper ACR (2017) Lance David Arnold 1 September 2017 OEM "GTS-R Commemorative Edition", "Extreme Aero Package", Kumho Ecsta V720 ACR. Privately funded and observed by Road & Track. Third attempt, testing ended by tyre failure resulting in crash. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:04.632 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro Maro Engel November 2018 Mercedes-Benz conducted test (11/2018). Ambient temperature of 12 °C (54 °F). Vehicle in accordance with regulations. Timed by wige SOLUTIONS. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:05.41 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2) Christian Gebhardt 2018 Sport Auto (09/2018), OEM deletion of audio and communication system, Porsche Motorsport bucket seat and harness on driver's side. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:08.679 Nissan GT-R NISMO (2015) Michael Krumm September 30, 2013 Nissan conducted test. Pre-production NISMO "N Attack Package" (available on order from NISMO Japan in 2015), 255/40RF-20 run-flat Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:08.82 McLaren 600LT Christian Gebhardt 2019 Sport Auto (9/2019), Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R MC. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:10.92 Mercedes-AMG GT R (2017) Christian Gebhardt December 2016 Sport Auto (1/2017), Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 'ZP'. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:11.57 Gumpert Apollo Sport Florian Gruber 13 August 2009 Observed by Sport Auto, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:12.13 Dodge Viper ACR (2010) Dominik Farnbacher 14 September 2011 SRT, Viper Club of America and ViperExchange conducted test. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup. 20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:12.7 Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2) Lars Kern 4 May 2017 Porsche conducted test. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, PDK, carbon ceramic brakes, OEM deletion of audio and communication system, "Clubsport Package", Porsche Motorsport bucket seat and harness on driver's side
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    Today, 12:05 AM
    This is what we have all been waiting for. EcuTek's RaceROM is now available for F-Series N55's as well as the S55 platform including the F87 M2 Competition, BMW F82 M4, and BMW F80 M3 models. This is the software the big boy tuners (not Instagram tuners) are going to use. EcuTek has a huge tuner network of real professionals that will be taking BMW software to the next level. The features? Well, it's a long list. Read below or go the EcuTek page: Click on the links below to read about the updates Self-Adjusting Flex Fuel On-The-Fly Map Switching CAN Sensor Import Live Adjustable Burble Custom Maps Enhanced Datalogging ECU Connect Integration RaceROM Features Easy to Calibrate, Self-Adjusting, Flex Fuel Flex Fuel finally comes to BMW! Using our Flex Fuel experience gained during the constant improvement of our GT-R platform, we've added the same easy to tune strategy to BMW. Just fit a CANbus enabled Flex Fuel sensor, enable the option in RaceROM and you are ready to start tuning. No manual input is required to adjust between different ethanol contents as the sensor output controls the transition seamlessly in real time. Flex Fuel Key Features Fuel quantity correction for overall ethanol content Ignition and fuelling offset maps combined with 2d blend maps Torque target integration offering gasoline and ethanol targets with blend map Ethanol content hold stops erroneous drops in ethanol content caused by fuel aeration Manual ethanol content override per Map Switch Mode allows for premixed fuel using the same strategy Custom Maps integration allows tuner specific maps to be created based on ethanol content Comprehensive live data support allows tuners to see individual corrections On-the-fly Map Switching Another first for BMW! We have now added instantaneous map switching that can be adjusted either using the cruise control switchgear or our ECU Connect app via an EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface. When switching maps, the current mode is displayed temporarily on the tacho. Map switching interfaces with custom maps to give the tuner the ability to adjust torque, fuel, ignition, cams, burble and more on a per-mode basis. Map switching options: Enable each custom map on a per-mode basis Use Map Switch Mode as an input to a custom map Switch between RaceROM or OEM burble per mode CANbus Sensor Import We have added the ability for tuners to add a range of external sensor inputs using our highly flexible CANbus interface. Zeitronix ECA-2 ethanol sensor Zeitronix ZT-3 wideband sensor Innovate LC-3 multi sensor ECUmaster CANswitch Autosport AnalogX Custom user defined CAN sensor We began by developing a way to import ethanol content over CANbus but soon realised it could be expanded to a range of devices already on the market. So, we have added some pre-defined options in addition to a custom CAN sensor definition, opening up a world of possibilities. CAN devices such as the AnalogX allow for multiple variable inputs that can be used to import 0-5v sensors, driver trim switches or even a combination including a 0-5v ethanol content signal. Live Adjustable Burble Burble Switchable per mode “Hard” and “soft” ignition retard maps, with adjustable blend per mode Automatic exhaust flap opening when burble is active RaceROM burble time map Custom map output for burble time Custom Maps As seen in our market-leading products for vehicles such as the Subaru BRZ and Nissan GT-R, we have added custom map support to BMW F Series. Custom Map Inputs: Accel Pedal Ambient Temperature and Pressure Boost Pressure, Target and Error Cam angles Engine Speed Fuel Pressure & Pressure Error Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Intake, Coolant, Oil, Fuel and Gearbox Temperatures Gear High Pressure Pump Angle Intake Air Temp Lambda Actual and Target Lateral and Longitudinal G Force Manifold Pressure Mass Airflow Relative Cylinder Fill Torque Actual and Target Vehicle Speed Mapswitch Mode CANbus Sensor Imports Outputs from other custom maps ECU Connect custom inputs Custom Map Outputs: Calculation 1 & 2 Ignition advance Fuel target Exhaust Flap Exhaust cam retard Intake cam advance Intake valve lift Wastegate Position Base % Rev limit Exhaust flap Fuel volume multiplier Fuel rail target pressure Torque Base Boost Target Limit Burble Aggression You can see examples of the type of map you can define below: Custom Map J is used to compensate the wastegate duty for the more advanced ignition encountered with ethanol. Custom Map M is an example if adjusting the ignition for high vehicle speed and high intake temperature. Enhanced Datalogging The factory OBD logging provided by BMW is a good starting point for tuning, but it lacks the detail required to achieve the best results in complex tuning operations such as fuel pump PID tuning. We have started to add these important BMW tuning parameters as well as those that are part of RaceROM such as the Flex Fuel adjustments. With future releases of RaceROM we will be adding more and more parameters to support the increasing tuning complexity that will no doubt be required to support ever more serious hardware! The current RaceROM tuning parameters are show below (custom map and input parameters are also available but not shown). ECU Connect Support BMW F Series is fully supported by ECU Connect, our dedicated companion app available on Android and iOS. With the release of RaceROM you can combine Custom Inputs with Custom Maps to make live changes using ECU Connect. Buy Now from the EcuTek Webstore You can purchase and download the BMW F Series Bundle including tuning suites for N55 and S55 from the webstore by clicking below.
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    Yesterday, 10:52 PM
    Dyno Spectrum is putting their McLaren map switching to work on this 600LT which gets a 91 octane tune file as well as a MS109 race gas tune file. The owner can switch on the fly and of course has more slots available should he want a valet tune or maybe a nitrous file. Dyno Spectrum provided a baseline, 91 octane, and race gas overlay from the World Motorsports Mustang dynamometer: Very strong gains with the 91 octane tune picking up over 100 wheel horsepower and the MS109 tune clearing 700 horsepower to the wheels. The 600LT goes from fast to bonkers with some quality custom software. You will also notice the majority of the gains come up top making for a much stronger top end. It would be interesting to see the 1/4 mile trap speed now.
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    Yesterday, 10:22 PM
    This is one of those run what you brung situations. You do not know the output of the cars but it is fairly easy to discern the twin turbo 2019 Mustang GT likely has the power advantage over everyone considering it has the new dual-injection fuel system. It sure shows in the runs. Let's skip the commentary over the street locale and the crowd it brings out and get to the racing. The runs begin with the Mustang against the E90 335i. First of all, if you are going to street race an N54 at least make sure you can do a proper burnout and really get heat into those tires. It likely would not have mattered anyway as the Bimmer bit off more than it could chew. Easy win for the Mustang. Next is a second gen CTS-V wagon which hooks well and gives the twin turbo Mustang a fight for maybe an 1/8 mile. After that, lights out for the Caddy. The final race is a Foxbody that looks like a pile of cheap crap going up against the BMW. The ugly pile of crap sure can hook though and it takes the win.
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    Yesterday, 10:04 PM
    Huge output numbers here on pump gas from this RS7 tuned by Eurocharged Canada. This Audi C7 RS7 is upgraded with SRM (Silly Rabbit Motorsport) 4.0 TFSI hybrid turbochargers. Keep in mind the factory wastegates are still utilized. This is achieved with new Xona center sections that SRM switched to for their 4.0 TFSI turbochargers. Methanol is involved here with boost hitting 36 psi and tapering to 32 psi: SRM is considering upgrading the in tank pump to run full E85 and crank this beast up further. Additionally, they apparently have an ethanol sensor in the works which should allow for flex-fuel setups. The 4.0 TFSI V8 platform is evolving nicely.
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    Yesterday, 09:22 PM
    Street cars are getting incredibly powerful as we all know and we all drool over what the aftermarket is able to get out of some these cars. However, even the big horsepower Nissan GT-R's and Lamborghini Huracans do not hold a candle to what goes on in professional drag racing. This is a car well over 5000 thousand horsepower. The Mainline dyno measured it at 4615 horsepower at the hubs. The 520 cubic inch Hemi V8 motor is built by Xtreme Racing Engines and you can definitely call this extreme: What does it run the 1/4 mile in? 5.86 at 248 miles per hour. The motor goes into a '69 Chevy Camaro look body but obviously this has little to do with an actual '69 Camaro. It won the Pro Mod NHRA class in 2018 and is looking to do it again in 2019. Read more about the car here if you like: Suddenly those twin turbo Huracans don't look so fast, huh?
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    Yesterday, 09:04 PM
    Chevrolet recently had the new 2020 C8 Corvette on public display with a very cool cutaway model. This allows you to see the design, engineering choices, and the placement of the motor plus it is just plain cool of Chevrolet to do. You can see the cooling, piping, ducting, motor placement, transmission placement, etc. It sure is going to be tight for tuners working on the motor as only the airbox seems easy to reach. It looks like the motor will need to be dropped for any real work.
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    08-17-2019, 08:51 PM
    If you are looking for some strong forged pistons for your Porsche 991.1 or 991.2 Turbo Evospec has you covered with their new Power Seal Ring and Piston package. These apply to stock bore motors or overbored blocks with iron sleeves. Evospec uses these pistons and rings in their big boost and race engine packages which means they should be good for 1200+ horsepower. Pricing information not released, contact Evospec for more details.
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    08-17-2019, 08:32 PM
    Some misleading info out there and we are trying to sort it out. TPG Tuning is indeed the first into the 10's with the new Supra. Their modifications are a tune, cat delete, unbolted rear section, and drag radials. There are those who were at the track who say nitrous was used but TPG Tuning has not specified their mod list and we are not sure why. This is the platform record but it would be nice to know if nitrous was used on this pass and what shot of nitrous: We also do not know if nitrous was used for the first 10-second pass: Hopefully we get clarification from TPG Tuning.
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    08-17-2019, 08:09 PM
    This interesting side by side juxtaposition was posted by Iroz Motorsport. On the left, you have the Audi 8V RS3 sedan 2.5 TFSI sedan turbo and on the right you have the A90 or MKV Toyota Supra BMW B58 motor turbo. The Audi turbo is indeed larger and it explains why they hit the the numbers they do on the factory turbocharger. No surprise stock turbo Audi 2.5 TFSI's are stronger.
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