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    Today, 02:01 PM
    This is a beast of an Audi S8. This is a D4 generation with the 4.0 TFSI V8 we all know and love. The turbos were upgraded to Turbosystems Lithuania units and they certainly are making a ton of power and torque. Yes, this is crank output. 956 horsepower and 1200 Nm which translates to 885 lb-ft of torque: Dynamic Motor Technic in Russia did the tuning. For something this heavy to move this quickly is incredible: The 4.0 TFSI V8 is a powerhouse platform and used Audi examples with it are dropping heavily in price making for a great value.
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    Today, 01:40 PM
    Top Gear decided to compare four popular performance sport sedans in a straight line. The straight line game being the main game for Teslas. At least Top Gear recognizes this and they made the drag race longer so as not to tailor it to the low end torque strength of electric cars like others do to make a headline. A 1/2 mile is more like it. Yet, Top Gear still fudged the whole thing for fake drama. Now, the Tesla gets a huge lead and it does not look like any of the other cars truly launched. This is obviously sensationalized which is a bit lame. Right on cue the Mercedes-AMG C63 S starts to run the Tesla down. It is a photo finish. A manufactured photo finish. You're better than this Top Gear. Also try including some actual performance metrics for the cars involved. Don't insult our intelligence.
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    Today, 01:22 PM
    200 mile per hour trap speeds in the 1/4 mile just put you into a whole different discussion of performance. That is exactly what Boostin Performance was able to achieve three times with this Nissan GT-R that is running the factory VR38DETT block. Most of these high power GT-R builds go to custom billet blocks. Not this one. They used the factory 3.8 liter cast block. Look at this consistency: They are trapping in the 1/8 mile what many of us would kill to trap in the 1/4 mile. The car is tuned on a Motec standalone and obviously the drivetrain is heavily upgraded.
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    Today, 01:03 PM
    This is very big everyday power to have in the lightweight McLaren MP4-12C. It also shows what a tuning value the MP4-12C is today. Even if limited to 91 octane pump fuel Weistec can get you into the mid-700 wheel horsepower range thanks to their upgrade packages tuned for supplemental methanol injection. No, you will not be able to achieve this on 91 octane alone and that is why you should strongly consider supplemental meth injection. It certainly shows large advantages over pump gas alone and provides for a cheap and relatively easy octane boost. If limited to 91 octane and addicted to boost, methanol injection is a no-brainer.
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    Today, 12:55 PM
    Akrapovic is or at least will be first to the 992 exhaust party with their titanium offering. No doubt there will still be those Porsche loons that state the new turbocharged motors do not sound good which is patently false. What PorscheBoost wants to see along with the sound clips and weight savings figures from Akrapovic is the dyno. Just how far did Porsche turn the Carrera S motor up in the 992?
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    Today, 12:07 PM
    This tutorial on how to pull off a swap many of you have talked about comes from Gelashvili Performance in Tbilisi, Georgia. Keep that in mind when reading about it and some of the spelling/grammatical errors you will encounter. The 6HP28 is from the 335d and obviously can handle much more torque than the 6HP21. A recent 335d hit 903 lb-ft of torque to the wheels for example. Enjoy the details below in Gelashvili Performance's own words: N54 335 Transmission Upgrade! Switching from weak 6HP21 to stron 6HP28 I'd Like to share this info for english speaker followers here, i think it will be useful for N54 Enthusiastics who love DIY stuff and non ordinary approaches for improving car performance. anyways: everything started from E90 335i AT (2007 model) that i bought for my Wife on 2019 new year. it was absolutely stock when i got it for her. i have had tuned a lot of N54s previously but never had personal one so i was very excited to modify it and push it as far as possible with help of my team member Levan Gabelia. we did everything on our own and custom, such as: double stock intercooler 3" piping Tial bov custom 3" downpipes dual 2.75 exhaust with dual cutouts at diff area custom exhaust muffler E60 M5 Diff 3.64:1 Single Walbro 450 intank PCV valve mod. N55 Ignition Coils 1 Step colder spark plugs gapped to 0.5mm water/meth injection before and after cooler. relocated intakes on passenger side with chinese air filters :confused2 upgraded wastegates and adjusted actuators to sit tighter same time i bought billet compressor wheel 39mm but have not installed it YET as i wanted to push and see stock turbo limits what it was capable of and see 100-200 times. so i left billet wheel on the shelf. custom tuned car to 22psi and flashed with MHD Flash tool ran 100 octane fuel with 15% ethanol in tank stock 6HP21 AT Trans w(235000km on it) XHP Stage 4 Flash with my custom torque adjustments car ran 7.41 100-200km/h but transmission used to slipp badly past 200km/h in 5th gear once AT Fluid would warm up. i was able to do few 80-250km/h runs (maybe 2-3) and then it would start to slipp badly. long story short, it was time to think about upgrade. clutch pack upgrade was pretty costy especially when it comes to shipping, import taxes etc (i'm far from USA) and overall there was no warranty that trans would hold abuse and would operate smooth and just like stock. so i did my own research over internet and thought why not give a try to 6HP28 from E90 335D. some "experts" said not all holes line up BUT! if u do some grinding and enlarge bolt mount holes trans will bolt on without issues. as well as torque converter. i found Taron's thread where we said that for 6HP28 you will need: i was like... hmmm so much work and someboyd said u just need to enlarge holes and it lines up... so i went and found trans from 2011 335D which had same shifter mechanism and i didnt need any other shifter than what i already had. - i was like.. hmm task list got shorter now.. when we removed stock transmission and tried to fit Diesel one on engine.. figured out that: 1) 6HP21 Torque converter (TC) has 6 bolts and 6hp28 has 4 2) 6HP21 has smaller diameter TC than 6HP28 well good news was that input shaft and splines were same so torque coverters turned out to be interchangable so we quickly "solved" this issue by deciding leave 6HP21 TC on 28 Trans. 3) none of the mounting bolts of 6HP28 lined up to block. 4) thought about enlarging them but turned out only top two bolts can be mounted but none of rest because Transmission bellhousing is wider itself and does not line up at all . 5) even if we managed and mounted transmission somehow another issue was that transmission sump was angled... it could not stand straight when mounting top two bolts. so i was like WTF... who said you need to enlarge bolts and it lines up? it was an interesting challenge... decided to cut both transmissions and weld to each other. so this is what we did: cut both 21 & 28 front side of bellhousing and decided to weld 21 front side to 28 rear end. when we lined them up.. turned out that 21 is a bit smaller diameter than 28 so was torque converters. as long as i went for such hardcore direction, i decided to use 6HP28 Torque converter as well as i was told that it is stronger than 21:confused2 took measurements of N54 flywheel and figured out there was room to CNC drill holes for new mounting points :happyanim: after 5 days of measurements, cuts, welds, machining and F***ing with transmission we did it... got damaged engine block, crankshaft, machined guide from crank to trans to line it up and fit straight. measured length of both transmission and everything was fit within 1mm clerance. lined up transmission sump to engine sump so they were on same level and not angled. outcome and look was not shiny and perfect but as long as it works i dont give a **** what others will say or think. if somebody want shiny parts on a car be ready to pay few thousand dollars for shiny adapter plates. from beginning of project after 1 week transmission was ready to mount and check rest things such as mechatronic, cooling lines, etc. modified flywheel bolted to the engine 6HP28 torque converter bolted to it perfectly. transmission mout process was real b**ch because tools brely fit with bolts. there was no room to put hand and tight bolts so mounting took very long. once mounting was finished it was time to check mechatronic and compare 6HP28 to 6HP21 i thought they would be interchangable and i would just swap TCUs so there would be no programming issues. they looked very very similar - BUT turned out they are different and not interchangable sensor height was main difference so we assembled trans back. also compared 6HP21 and 6HP28 sump / filter to each other to see if they are interchangable - they are different as well. once everything was ready, trans was filled with new oil, started engine and oil came out from trans cooler pipes mounting pint. we have not paid attention and it turned out that 6HP28 uses larger diameter pipes :( so test drive was postponed for a while.. i could not find OEM cooler pipes so had to think what to do :suicide: but it didnt took me long... i drew adapter for 6HP28 to accept 6HP21 cooler lines without leakage and modification. took me few hours to machine them with appropreate size washers to fit pipe holding bracket properly and not angled. anyways, instllation of cooling pipes with adapters and oring was easy as 1 2 3 filled completely with new oil and took car for a test drive. first impression was - no kicks and no strange behaviour. no vibrations car runs smooth and nice... it was really great. BUT! now it was time to do some programming as diesel does not rev past 5k :) read stock flash, checked maps.. but i thought istead of wasting time on research and investigation id pay to XHP to make custom flash for my trans and let them do all that stuff. took about 2 week back and forth communication with Clemens from XHP to develop flash for my Transmission which is still under investigation and development. he did many revisions as it is something that u will not see in everyday live and big shout to him for that! so far car runs perfectly fine as cruise, or moderate load or full load. we are still in development and testing process, flash is not 100% complete yet but i love how car runs and holds power without slippage. meanwhile when car was apart i did not waste time and prepared turbochargers with billet 39mm compressor wheel and 9 blade turbine wheels. now it is time to tune and check what car will be capable of on new trans and compressor wheels. i'll be posting more info on my IG: Geptuned and facebook: Gelashvili Performance i thought i would share this info for somebody struggling like me and find useful for future. i'll be uploading pictures whatever i have taken from trans upgrade process feel free to ask questions
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    Yesterday, 03:51 PM
    This is a new S55 turbo upgrade from TTH (Turbo-Technik Hamburg) not to be confused with the recent TTE (The Turbo Engineers Germany) TTE 740+ S55 turbo upgrade. Both turbo upgrades are doing something similar in addressing the S55 turbo intakes. Unlike with their previous TTH-S55-750 turbo upgrade release TTH Hamburg did not provide any dynographs or timed GPS results. Where is the data TTH? BimmerBoost does not doubt these new 800 models to be an upgrade over the 750 design but data proving so would only help.
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    Yesterday, 03:31 PM
    When it comes to upgraded high pressure fuel pumps in the aftermarket Xtreme-DI is leading the charge. They have upgraded high pressure fuel pump applications for various platforms and for the Ford F150 Ecoboost in particular they have plug and play solutions that take less than an hour to install. The HPFP35 and HPFP60 literally are plug and play solutions. The HPFP85 is the highest flowing pump but the installation is more complicated due to requiring a camshaft change. Specs: Maximum Rail Pressure 200bar / 2900psi (XDI-HPFP35)250bar / 3625psi (XDI-HPFP60 / HPFP80) Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends Electric Connector: Bosch Compact 2-pin Driver Profile: XDI, tuning changes needed Accessories: electric pigtail Geometric Pump Capacity 1.51cc (HPFP35) bolt on pump 1.81cc (HPFP60) bolt on pump 2.21cc (HPFP80) HPFP60 plus custom camshaft Maximum Flow Rate: 240LPH (HPFP35) 290LPH (HPFP60) 320LPH (HPFP80) Housing material: stainless steel, hard coated Aluminum What is there not to like here? This is a fantastic upgrade for F150 Ecoboost enthusiasts.
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    Yesterday, 03:11 PM
    DBV2 Sport Imports turbo upgrade for the MKVII Golf 2.0 Golf platform certainly seems to be showing well at least as far as the dyno is concerned. Their IS38 journal bearing based upgrade pushed a MKVII Golf R to 510 horsepower at the wheels on ethanol. The car features port fuel injection from Precision Raceworks and the tuning is by AFR Autoworks in Canada. Output goes down to 455 wheel on 91 octane pump fuel: Talk about a nice sleeper!
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    Yesterday, 02:15 PM
    Say hello to Charge (how creative!). This is a British company that will take a first generation Ford Mustang and replace the internal combustion drivetrain with an all wheel drive electric drivetrain. They will update the exterior, interior, suspension, etc. to go along with it and charge you over $380,000+ for the privilege. You get 885 lb-ft of torque for that money sent to all four wheels. Only 499 will be built and it will be interesting to see if they sell any at all. The appeal of the Mustang is not an expensive electric drivetrain but a classic rumbling American V8 in a relatively light chassis. It's a pony car after all. This company seems to be wanting to cash in on the green craze and more power to them if they can pull it off. They do not even seem to have a fully running car car to show off and most of their photos are of the classic Mustang body with very little to show regarding their electric drivetrain pieces. Good luck with this Charge...
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    Yesterday, 01:52 PM
    Some serious domestic muscle in action here. The featured car is a Charger Hellcat with a Whipple 4.5 liter twin screw supercharger swap. It is a very big blower and easily pushes this built Hellcat V8 into the quadruple digit mark. It faces off first with a Pontiac GTO featuring a built LS1 V8 and a Procharger F-1X supercharger. The centrifugal Procharger will obviously make a lot less torque but the GTO is also a much lighter car. It should have the stronger top end. The first two runs have the Hellcat come out on top. The GTO then decides to ditch its passenger. It's close but the GTO seems to reverse the outcome. That must have been one heavy passenger. Up next is the 880 hp ZR1. They do a couple runs and it is close between the two. It seems to be a driver's race. The ~900 horsepower C6 ZR1 from Lethal Performance is last but not least. It definitely is stronger than the other ZR1 and it pulls the Hellcat. Great runs.
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    Yesterday, 01:21 PM
    Iroz made news and deservedly so a couple months back by producing the first 8-second Audi 2.5 TFSI EVO aluminum block 1/4 mile run. That 8.850 @ 158.65 pass is still the quickest and fastest for the 8V Audi RS3 and 2.5 TFSI platform but Iroz Motorsport backed it up with another 8. In Vegas no less. How they are running 8.916 @ 158.06 in 5400+ DA is anyone's guess: Some tuners that contacted AudiBoost feel the desert air allows Iroz to run the compressor harder than they normally would. Why isn't this level of DA having a big effect on the performance of the Iroz shop car? It's an amazing feat regardless.
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    Yesterday, 01:19 PM
    Strong OTS (off the shelf) tune numbers here from MHD. This is a Stage 2 tune meaning the car has catless downpipes installed which are required for Stage 2. In addition, it has an M Performance rear section exhaust. Very nice pump gas OTS figures: For those confused about the torque, it is in Newton-Meters and not LB-FT. The Mainline dynamometers often tend to read high so keep that in mind but this is definitely a strong OTS B58 tune.
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