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    Today, 04:54 PM
    The GT-R is basically unbeatable at this point unless you go to some serious American muscle built specifically to dominate the drag strip. The car is in the 6's and we are talking NHRA Pro Stock level performance here. Obviously this ETS (Extreme Turbo Systems) built GT-R is hardly a street car any longer and essentially a dedicated drag car like the NHRA Pro Stock vehicles but it is still based on a production car body, chassis, and drivetrain unlike NHRA Pro Stock. That is a massive distinction. This is the quickest US GT-R record and it is utterly absurd: Where do they go from here? Alpha Logic 'holds' the official record but the Bahrain 1/4 mile strip is not NHRA licensed: It is important to note these GT-R's go through transmissions and motors almost as quickly as the professional NHRA drag racers: These GT-R guys are only competing against themselves.
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    Today, 03:55 PM
    Ever see the torque curve of the BMW N55 on the factory turbo? It's ugly. You can view a graph below but it makes you wonder what BMW was even thinking. It seems they overcompensated for the propensity of tuned N54's by neutering the N55 to way too large of a degree. Here is an N55 with an MHD tune: Ugly, right? Well, the curve can be addressed and this F22 M235i actually looks pretty darn good especially when compared to stock. This car is making over 500 rwhp courtesy of a Pure Turbos Stage 2 turbocharger, XDI upgraded HPFP, Fuel-It! LPFP, and Wagner intercooler. It not only makes for a more powerful car but one that is much, much more fun to drive:
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    Yesterday, 10:03 PM
    This video really can be summed up in one screen grab but the guy sure loves to hear himself talk. The car you are familiar with as it is the ES750RS Porsche 991.1 Turbo S recently written about which has factory GT2 RS VTG turbochargers. It's a quick car and a good test bed for how much a 60-130 mph sprint can sway in different DA (density altitude). This is important to note as the problem with times is they vary. They are fluid. They are not static yet you will notice that forum racers will always choose the quickest time or comparison purposes rather than the average time. A guy will cherry pick a run from ATCO in -3000 DA and then wonder why another car in Arizona in 90 degree weather is more than a second off. This is a difference of roughly 2700 feet yet it affects the 60-130 sprint by almost 4/10's of a second: The larger the DA disparity the larger the difference. A 2700 foot spread is not even that large considering how elevation and weather changes across the USA let alone the globe. There is a reason the quickest and fastest times all come from ATCO (or MIR) in the winter. That reason is DA.
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    Yesterday, 09:31 PM
    This appears to be a legitimate leak of the 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette dealer order guide. There are some good details in here and they basically confirm what we knew. It is somewhat surprising to see Chevrolet only go as wide as 305's in back for the tires. There is a Z51 performance package and there are two final drive ratios available. You also get a head up display system. There is no manual option and pricing information will come later. Enjoy.
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    Yesterday, 06:51 PM
    Please be true. PLEASE. BE. TRUE. This is a rumor from Car and Driver who says they have 'inside sources' at Ford stating the Raptor will get the supercharged 700+ horsepower 5.2 liter V8 from the GT500 Mustang. Suffice it to say, BoostAddict is a fan of the powerplant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Ecoboost 3.5 liter V6 the Raptor has now but a TVS2650 supercharged 5.2 liter V8 offering 700+ horsepower out of the box is a whole new ballgame. Maybe Ford is preparing to answer RAM who is rumored to be putting the Hellcat V8 in an off-road truck? This certainly would be quite a response. Let's hope Car and Driver is not just fishing for clicks but considering their quality as of late, that may be the case. If so, we will not forget it. Source
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    Yesterday, 06:32 PM
    Remember a post from last year describing valve float issues high powered S55's run into? Remember HeadGames taking on the problem and finding a solution? Well, the parts they developed are now available to order with pricing and information below. New from HeadGames is the long awaited answer to your float whoah’s. Introducing the HeadGames S55 valve spring kit! This is the ONLY kit on the market that is truly designed to be used with a S55. The factory spring is weak, with only 50lb seat pressure and 150 open. Our spring boasts 90lbs closed and 190 open! (at 10mm lift) We worked with ASR/Kratos on testing these out, and the results speak for themselves. Will handle 1000whp with ease (working on a gen 2 that will handle more without affecting vanos) What’s included: Ti retainers, and single spring Direct drop in! THESE WILL NOT HELP IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN VALVE FLOATING AND THE VALVES ARE NOT AT THE CORRECT HEIGHT ANYMORE. PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE YOU INSTALL Price $799+shipping VALVES: We are offering the only aftermarket valve available for the S55! Only come in standard size, these valves are made from a grade of inconel called Numonic 90 and are tested up to 2000whp in other applications. These are a direct replacement for your worn out stock valve! And not available anywhere else! Price $840 for 24 valves +shipping Head studs: When replacing your cylinder head to make it ready for boost, do you really want to reuse the factory head bolts? We worked with ASR/Kratos and found the perfect solution. ARP 2000 headstuds! Direct replacement and perfect fitment. THESE ARE IN LIMITED QUANTITY! (not rich so could only buy 10 sets) Price $995 +shipping Message @HeadgamesDave with any questions.
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    Yesterday, 05:50 PM
    The manual is dead (or on life support) because of us. Enthusiasts clamor they want a manual option but when it comes time to buy it, they don't. It's the automotive enthusiast equivalent of virtue signaling. We all want to look like we want a manual transmission and are hardcore enthusiasts but instead opt for the dual clutch or automatic. Porsche can make it work because the GT3 manual take rate is roughly 50% (and falling) but Lamborghini can not: How about we place the blame where it belongs for the manual transmission dying? On ourselves for not buying them. Source
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    Yesterday, 05:17 PM
    This E92 335i is particularly impressive when you consider it is a 6-speed manual. The owner has to row his own gears while the F90 M5 he goes up against has the computer do all the work for him. It also means the F90 M5 is shifting gears much more quickly. That makes the single turbo N54 all the more impressive as it is gaining due to straight muscle and not shift time meaning it clearly is much more powerful. The F90 M5 is no slouch though and in the lower gears hangs in well partially thanks to the wider powerband and due to that quick shifting automatic. It would not take much for the F90 M5 to reverse this outcome as it is just a basic bolt on car. Great runs and a solid single turbo 335i. 2018 M5: JB4 Downpipes Intakes Owner stated "not on 93oct or E85 335i: Precision 6266 Gen 2 Full supporting mods, fueling, port injection, Etc JB4/MHD backend flash untuned E65-E70 Mix -Bald M.T ET street R radials- Manual 2nd
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    Yesterday, 04:42 PM
    Wiseco has a Boostline product line of connecting rods which are said to be much, much stronger than traditional designs. What makes these rods different? They have a 3-pocket design that is said to be 60% stronger than traditional H-Beam rod designs. Boostline claims these rods are specifically for high power nitrous and forced induction applications: 60% increase in bending strength vs. H-Beam Patent Pending high strength 3-pocket design Machined from premium 4340 forged steel High quality ARP Bolts included Inspected and finished in the USA (Mentor, Ohio) As for those applications, here are their current supported motors: It is interesting they have VW 1.8 and BMW S54 applications but nothing for newer boosted motors from VW/Audi and BMW. It would make more sense to support the newer turbocharged applications vying for big power but those likely will come with time.
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    Yesterday, 03:51 PM
    About time we see some quick results out of the B9 RS4 and RS5 which to date have underwhelmed. Part of the reason is the locked ECU keeping tuners out but that offers an opportunity to BMS (Burger Tuning) who is taking full advantage. How does an 11.242 @ 122.05 miles per hour strike you? Full weight with your basic bolt ons including an exhaust and intake. Frankly, we were hoping for ~120 traps out of the car stock but the JB4 sure wakes it up. Will we see a 10-second bolt on B9 RS4 or RS5? Count on it.
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